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Claim your refund for all types of flights – private, business, scheduled and charter flights. No matter who bought the ticket, you can collect for your disrupted flight up to 600EUR. The law is on your side, so take the control in your hands and get your compensation with us.

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Martyna Szymańska-Walczak, Dział Prawny

Attorney at the Council of Wroclaw, has more than 10 years of experience in conducting business disputes, including for listed companies. She also advises clients on civil and tourist law. In JetReturn oversees the legal department. Her passion is traveling.

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Proper communication of our company with the customer is our priority. Positive attitude, conscientiousness, personal culture are important values for us. Our specialists are skilled, ambitious and always eager to help you in every aspect of your disrupted journey. They have gained experience and skills during many years of work in the aviation industry.


How much the service of Jet Return will cost me?

In JetReturn we do nothave any preliminary or handling fees when signing the contract. Additionally, should your matter need to be pursued in court, we will cover all court fees. The only fee we charge is a 25% gross commission on the value of your compensation. Working with us is completely risk-free for you. If we are unsuccessful in pursuing a claim on your behalf, you will not be required to cover any of our costs.

How much time do I have to claim compensation?

You can apply for compensation if your flight took place within the last 12 months. You need to have any travel confirmation: ticket or invoice or boarding pass.

When traveling with which airlines can I claim for compensation?

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004, compensation applies to: (1) all flights departing from the EU and (2) flights arriving in the EU if the carrier is registered in the EU.

Can I apply for compensation in person?

Yes, anyone can personally claim an airline and apply for compensation for delayed flight. Here you will find EU law on compensation: HERE. EU regulations are constantly being supplemented on the basis of successive judicial decisions on damages.

There is a risk of rejection, airlines routinely refer to "extraordinary circumstances that do not affect" or "take all appropriate steps" to remedy the problem.

You need to be prepared for your rights in the courts, which will increase your court costs and other additional costs. If you win the case, airlines cover these expenses.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in assessing the profitability of claims. A large number of incoming applications allow for high efficiency and minimization of processing costs. We are prepared to charge you the cost of the claim in order to be able to claim damages on your behalf. The passenger is not at risk because we charge for the service only when the customer receives the compensation, ie 25% of the amount of compensation plus VAT. No compensation - no fees!

Can I apply for compensation if my employer has paid for the ticket?

The compensation applies to the passenger, not to the person who paid for the ticket. This means that if the plane is delayed during a business trip, then as a passenger you can apply for compensation.

Can I apply for compensation in the case of charter flights or office trips?

Yes, the compensation applies to each passenger, regardless of the type of line and the form of purchase of the ticket.

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